Onewheel Community Forum – Closed

The Onewheel community forum is now closed forever. Future Motion Inc has decided to shut down the official forum on their site and with that one of the biggest sources of information around the Onewheel.

After many long years, we have decided it is time to retire the Onewheel Forums. As we have continued working on building up the Onewheel Community, we recommend checking out our other community hubs such as the Onewheel App rider profiles, or our Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram pages where the community can talk to us and each other!

Future Motion Support Team

Thanks to the community there are alternative places to get information, like this site, and places where we can discuss the board we love.

Onewheel Forums

There are multiple forums discussion Onewheel and here is the list.

Onewheel Reddit

Onewheel Facebook groups

There are numerous Facebook groups for Onewheels, here are the biggest.