Can you use a Hövding when riding a Onewheel (Head airbag)

Hövding is the airbag helmet design for bicycles. ”The world’s safest bicycle helmet isn’t a helmet”.

No, Hövding is not guaranteed to work on a Onewheel. It’s only intended to be worn when riding a standard two-wheeled bicycle in urban environments and on main roads. [r]

I was part of the beta tester for the Hövding 3. I must say I loved using the ”helmet” during my cycle rides. Sadly I didn’t get to keep the sample and the price was a bit too much for my student budget at that time. Yes, I did know people working in the RnD department at Hövding.

It has like everything its pros and cons, sadly not used for Onewheeling and even if it would work I don’t think I would use one. The cost for a crash I too much and you will expect crashing and falling when riding the Onewheel. That’s part of the float life.

A bicycle helmet should also get replaced after every hit, the thing is that Hövding will deploy even if your head is not going to hit the ground. A skate helmet will have taken a few light hits and should replace it if it takes a BAD hit.

Uncertain check my safety gear list to see what I use on a daily basis when commuting to work or riding for fun.