Is The Oura Ring Waterproof (Swim, Shower, Washing)

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Oura Ring Waterproof In Glass Of Water

Yes, the Oura Ring is waterproof and water-resistant down to ~330 ft. (100m). The water resistance grade applies to normal usage making it perfect to wear in the water while partaking in swimming, and recreational diving like snorkelling. 

It’s not recommended to use the ring while scuba diving or keep it submerged underwater for over 12 hours.

The Oura ring is designed to be worn all days and is also recommended to be worn 24/7 for optimal accuracy and personalization. Only wearing it at night will make the ring miss out on user activity data that loop into the calculated scores. Not taking advantage of the full potential of the ring. That’s why the ring is designed to be worn at all times, making it robust and waterproof.

Here is a list of the most common question and scenarios you can use your rings.

Can I Wash My Hands With The Ring On?

You can wash your hands or do the dishes with your Oura ring on since it is water resistant. It handles both hands- and dish soap, keep in mind that your might scratch the body of the ring on the ceramic plates. 

Wash hands with Oura ring
Washing hands with the Oura ring

It’s safe to use hand sanitizer with the Oura ring.

Can I wear The Ring In The Shower?

You can wear the Oura ring in the show was is designed to get wet and water resistant down to 330ft. The temperatures in the show are not a problem as the ring can operate between 14°F – 129°F (-10°C – 54°C). It’s recommended to use the ring 24/7 for the most accurate reading and recommendations.

Shower with Oura ring
Shower with the Oura ring is not a problem

Can I Wear The Ring In A Hot Tub?

You can safely wear your ring in hot tubs or even ice baths as the ring is designed to handle can operate between 14°F – 129°F (-10°C – 54°C). The company even states that you can safely wear your ring in saunas and cryotherapy tanks as long as you avoid extended exposure to extreme temperatures. 

Going above the recommended temperatures for a long period of time at your own risk.

It’s not a problem to use the ring in chlorinated water so you can take it to the swimming pool without any issues. As the ring is made of titanium, it will handle the harsh environment without any discolouration or impact on the finish.

Swimming In The Ocean And Saltwater?

There is no issue to use the ring in the ocean or saltwater. Oura is even sponsoring and a partner for the USA surfing team [source]. You can have it on during your swim to track your activity or while cooling off on a hot day.

“With my Oura Ring, I’ve been able to train more thoughtfully and focus on recovery. Based on my sleep data, I feel energized and prepared to take on this exciting moment with confidence, knowing that I’ve trained and recovered well.” 

Carissa Moore

The Authors Notes

I have been using the Oura Ring 2 daily since the launch of the device, now for more than 2 years. During the years I have never taken it off for baths, showers or when watching my hands or doing dishes. The ring is clearly built to last and waterproof for any daily activities.

Oura Ring Manual

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