Riders spending +$1500 on their Onewheel (the Costs of Accessories)

The Onewheel is an expensive piece of device and will pick a hole in most pockets. The entry-level board, the Onewheel Pint, starts at $1,050 and a fully equipped stock GT will cost you $2,570. This is just the beginning and many riders are spending massive amounts of money on accessories for their board. 

There are multiple reasons for buying accessories, it can be for the sole purpose to personalize the board, adding protection, or upgrading the performance, or safety while riding.

As a Onewheel Pint rider, I have spent around $700 on various upgrades for my board, see the full list at Top accessories for the Onewheel Pint. Still, this is nothing when looking at what others are spending on their Onewheel XR.

Survey on how much people spend on accessories for their Onewheel

Two surveys have been performed on the two biggest Onewheel platforms out there, the Facebook Onewheel Owner group and the subreddit Onewheel forum. Keep in mind that many users are active in both places so we cannot combine the data. What can be done is to compare the two surveys to validate the data.

Facebook Survey of Onewheel Riders

The survey was performed in the Onewheel Owner group. A total of 250 riders answered the question.

money spent Onewheel accessories facebook survey
Money spent#%
2022-02-02 Facebook Survey of Onewheel riders

Reddit Survey of Onewheel Riders

The Survey was performed in the Onewheel subreddit forum. A total of 277 riders answered the question.

money spent Onewheel accessories reddit survey
Money spent#%
2022-02-10 Reddit Survey of Onewheel riders

The two surveys show almost the same result when the data has been aggregated.

It is evident many riders spend a vast amount of money on their boards and hobbies. Spending money is nothing new and there are hobbies where this amount of spending is nothing. The good part is that riding is free and you don’t need to pay any fee when heading out, like the green fee for a golf course or membership cost.

The third-party market is growing while more and more riders are getting their first Onewheel and joining the floating revolution. The survey is a small subset of riders, only 250, still taking an average of all the cost of accessories it’s still more than $170,000 (calculated on the Facebook survey data). The biggest Onewheel forums have more than 40k users, and the largest subreddit is hitting over 38k users. There are no official numbers of sold devices in the world, it’s a safe bet that they are closing if not already hit 50k. To compare, the original Kickstarter campaign sold 769 Onewheel V1s.

This gives us a really big market cap for Onewheel accessories.

Why are the Onewheel accessories so expensive?

It does come down even if thousands of boards sound like a lot, not everyone will spend their money and buy every accessory that is released. Production of even <10,000 units are considered a low-volume production, most runs are probably way less than that. Product molds and other overhead costs will impact the price of the final item. Like in any industry, small-batch production will cost more to produce.