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Onewheel FST Footpad System

Future Motion Inc. the company behind Onewheel just released another new product with the FST Footpad System. FST, which stands for Fluid Stance Technology, offers riders customization and control, thanks to a channel system in the footpad that accommodates various inserts and blocks. This is a real innovation in the accessory market around foot holds and systems giving a unique edge over other systems like Flight Fins.

At the heart of the FST System are the advanced FST Footpads. Inspired by the popular Lowbrow Footpads, these feature a groundbreaking channel design that allows for 360° movement and endless configurations. Riders can attach FST Blocks using threaded inserts, tailoring the setup to match their unique style and riding conditions. Whether you crave a locked-in feel for aggressive riding or prefer subtle adjustments for smooth cruising, the FST Footpads have you covered.

We will most likely see a community-based 3D print and customised blocks for the FTS system in the future. As the channels have the locking mechanism and slide, the sky is the limit of customised blocks and adaptions.

Included in the FST System Base Kit, priced at $325, are four FST Blocks designed to enhance your ride. The basic kit has two Nubs and two Ledges, providing a solid starting point. Advanced options like the Pro Nub, Pro Ledge, and Pro Crux offer superior grip and stability for those ready to elevate their ride. The Pro Crux, in particular, is favoured by top riders for its ability to keep feet securely in place during intense manoeuvres.

$325 is pricy compared to another alternative, keep in mind that included in the price is also the upgraded footpads that else need to be bought separately. This is also a downside of the system as you need to use the included pads having the channels to use the FST blocks.

The FST Footpads support various inserts to suit different riding needs. The threaded inserts work seamlessly with FST Blocks, while the traction inserts, featuring metal ridges, provide additional grip and keep debris out of the channels. The PIN inserts mimic the feel of mountain bike pedals, with small and large pins available for a customized bite, making them a popular choice among riders seeking extra traction.

FST Footpad System Slide

Onewheel’s FST System has undergone rigorous testing by top riders like Neil Bennett, Austin Silva, and Mercedes. Their feedback highlights the system’s durability and performance, even in the most demanding conditions. From rugged trails to urban environments, the FST Footpad System will give enhanced control and confidence to riders of all levels

The FST System Base Kit includes everything you need to start your customization journey. With the ability to add different-sized blocks, traction blankets, or pin inserts, the possibilities are endless. Advanced riders can further enhance their setup with additional accessories, ensuring their Onewheel experience is perfectly tailored to their riding style.

There are now many options for riders to get a more locked-in feel and control with their board. The FST Footpad System is a great alternative if you want to stay with Future Motion and it is available now.

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