Onewheel GT Delay (January Official Production Update)

The Onewheel GT has been officially delayed by Future Motion. They have like many other companies around the world problem with the supply chain. We don’t know what components are lacking for the new board. The facts are that it’s really hard to get hold of chips and electronic components and many sectors are struggling. For a small company with a limited product and small quantities, it will be hard to get their control and BMS board manufactured.

Let’s hope that they already have secured the components and the orders were pushed a long time ago. At the current time, it’s only speculations, the new board has a totally redesigned power train, a new motor and a new tire dimension that’s not stock. All components that could be the reason for the delay.

I know that we all wait for the Onewheel GT, Future Motion is doing the best they can in the situation the world is in. Not many companies could expect the current meltdown that has happened around the world and they are not the only company that suffers from the effects of the COVID lockdown.

We know for a fact that there is at least one prototype board out there, tested by a couple of riders like Tyler James.

Hey there,
We know how excited you are to receive your GT and we want to give you a quick production update.

GT has proved to be amazing in every test scenario with some of the best riders on the planet. It’s a next-level riding experience and we can’t wait to get it under your feet. You’re going to love it!

While GT is reaching the final stages of production readiness, we are still waiting on a few crucial components to come through the supply chain. As you may have heard, the global supply chain is having a moment right now with unprecedented component backlogs, COVID lockdowns, and a worldwide shipping meltdown.

So what does this mean for your board? We understand folks who ordered at launch will be waiting a few more weeks than originally estimated and that is no fun. We’ve worked really hard to hit those original estimates, we apologize for the wait and promise to deliver mind-blowing GT awesomeness to you very soon!

For many of you, your estimated shipping time will be unaffected. That’s because once production is online, our expanded manufacturing capacity will enable production to ramp up quickly and deliver the majority of GT orders by their original ship dates.

Please be mindful that until we are in production, all ship dates are estimates. As soon as we are in production we will have an exact shipping date for you. We are working incredibly hard and moving mountains to get you all riding as soon as possible. We apologize for the wait, appreciate your understanding and are so incredibly excited to get you riding the most ultimate Onewheel ever built!

Happy trails, The Onewheel Team

email from the Onewheel Team (Future Motion Inc.)

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for