Onewheel GT Tested By Tyler James (Short Review)

The first rider outside of Future Motion has tried the Onewheel GT for a quick ride and review. It’s Tyler James, the 2021 Men’s Race For The Rail Champion that got the opportunity to be the first non-employee to shred the board in the wild.

Yes, of course, it’s a promotional video by Future Motion Inc for their new flagship model. Still, this is a real step towards getting the boards shipped out and a milestone and a first glimpse of what we will expect from the GT. As a reader and watching the test ride keep in mind that early access sometimes means a favorable review and not stating what they don’t like about the board.

”Power is all there, almost a little bit too overpowered”

Tyler James

What does this mean for the Onewheel GT, it’s out in the flesh and refined to the point that they are letting outside riders test the board. Check the video down below from the Onewheel Youtube Channel.

They are doing some trail riding in the woods of Santa Cruz testing the board to its limits. The Onewheel GT is equipped with a new treaded tire. The board shows some great traction, power, and hill-climbing capabilities. Confirming that if you are planning to ride off-road or on trails and can decide to go for the treaded option. Read this post to get more information about slick or treaded tires for the Onewheel GT.

”Threaded tire is supper smooth for trail riding”

Tyler James

Comments on the new powerband, is the board really having three horsepower. A 50% increase compared to the Onewheel XR. By the first glimpse in this video and others put out by the team riders it looks like the powerband is delivering. We know by the specs that Future Motion has changed the battery type and increased the cells and therefore the voltage of the board.

”Just the power behind the thing, like the powerband you can really feel that you are pressing through it: Rather than with the XR you are not, it’s almost like it wants to hold back”

Tyler James

Now the rest of us can only wait to get our hands on the board and get stoked by the latest evolution of the Onewheel. Let’s hope its lives up to what Tyler says and how the Onewheel team has promoted it.

Looking at the spec sheets it’s clearly a beast and the treaded tire option from the factory is really a good thing for us consumers. By the looks of it, Future Motion has taken the critics and taken it to the next level.

”It’s a board for riders”

Tyler James

The rest of us will need to wait until the board starts to ship. By the look of it in late January 2022.