Onewheel GT Footpad Recall 2022

In august 2022 Future Motion Inc did at last issue a recall for the footpads of the Onewheel GT. The footpads have been responsible for ghosting boards and many users have reported injuries when trying to dismount their boards.

It is a voluntary recall of the front footpads for the Onewheel GT, done in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. This is after multiple reports that the ghosting GT as can continue to ride even after a rider had dismounted the board. 

Future Motion has sold approximately 20,000 boards and there have been 813 reports of board ghosting (engaged sensors and the board running away after the dismount). Of the reports, more than 10 people have had injuries such as bruises, friction burns, and a twisted ankle.

The front footpad in the Onewheel GT can fail to disengage after the rider has dismounted while the board is in motion and the Onewheel can unexpectedly continue to operate, posing an injury hazard to bystanders.

Follow this link to the recall section on Onewheel, to see if your board is affected by this recall. You will have to enter the serial number in the field. There are also instructions on how to change the pads when you got the new updated.

Stop using your Onewheel GT until the footpad has been replaced if eligible.

The fix has been a redesign of the pressure sensitivity of the new footpad, that ad address the issue of false activations of the sensors. Every new GT that is currently being built ships with these updated footpads installed.

Onewheel GT Footpad sensor


It’s good that Future Motion Inc. is issuing a recall. It did take a long time, and many users have already had their footpads replaced along the way. Let’s hope these new pads will fix the issue and everyone can start riding with confidence. The Onewheel GT is a great machine, it just like many new devices, experienced some initial problems at launch. (here is the complete list of Onewheel GT issues.)

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for