Onewheel GT Road Trip

Future Motion has loaded up their van and headed out on a road trip over the USA. In the trunk, they have Onewheel Pint X’s and also a treaded Onewheel GT.

During the road trip, the photographer and Onewheel rider Aaron Brimhall is tagging along to shoot photos and bring this trip alive on Youtube.

The key takeaway from the released videos are, there is a real Onewheel GT with a treaded tire. In other videos, riders have been seen riding with a slick during trails. This means that there are treaded tires out there built for the new motor rim of the GT.

Onewheel GT photoshoot with Aaron Brimhall, Javier Starks and more!

This photoshoot is located in the Alabama Hills desert for some nice rips. The crew is also including the 2021 Mens Race for the Rail champ Tyler James who has been reviewing and riding the Onewheel GT before.

There are some nice riding and tricks performed in the dirt during the two days shoot.

What do people think of the Onewheel GT?

The next stop for the trip is LA. Here the Future Motion teams let both experienced and new riders test Onewheel GT on the streets. The board is getting tested riding up hills and letting new riders feel the power of the board.

“People is going to like this”

A good thing is that everyone riding is using a helmet to protect themself.

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for