Onewheel GT S-Series is Shipping – No Waiting!

Oskar Fällman

Onewheel GT S-Series Shipping

There was no waiting time for the Onewheel GT S-Series like the old Onewheel GT before it was ready to be shipped. With an update from Future Motion Inc. on X (former Twitter), they share a bunch of boxes with the take line “Onewheel GT S-Series is now shipping”.

This is great for all riders out there who want to put their hands on the latest board! The last time the GT was released there was more than a half-year waiting time before the board was in the hands of the customer.

Onewheel GT S-Series Shipping | Future Motion Inc @ X

We don’t understand how Future Motion has kept this board a secret seeing how far into product it has come. For us customers, it’s still great, if you have the $3,200 to put up for a new board.

Onewheel GT S-Series
Onewheel GT S-Series

Onewheel GT S-Series

The Onewheel GT S-Series is the latest board released by Future Motion Inc. The board is an evolution of the popular Onewheel GT with increased power from the new higher voltage powertrain and updated battery pack. The main selling point is the increase from 75V to 113V allowing for a much higher torque at all speeds. The increase in voltage also makes the board more efficient and allows the max speed to be increased to 25mph from the 20mph of the GT.

For a full breakdown check out the Onewheel GT vs Onewheel GT S-Series.

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