Onewheel GT vs Onewheel GT S-Series

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Onewheel GT vs Onewheel GT S-Series

The Onewheel GT S-Series has arrived, ushering in a new era of performance-focused Onewheels with significant upgrades in voltage, power, and torque. With its release, it’s only natural to draw a comparison with its predecessor, the Onewheel GT. The GT has been the mark in the one-wheel board market, and the Onewheel GT S-Series is the next generation, tailor-made for pro riders and those who crave pushing their boards to the limit.

Below is a list of key features and specification breakdown between the two models.


The new Onewheel GT-S is a new leap forward in the performance of the Onewheel line. The main upgrades are in the powertrain and battery design, increasing the voltage from 75V to 113V at the cost of capacity. This results in not only a more powerful but lighter board compared to the GT.

Onewheel Voltage
Onewheel Voltage | image Future Motion

This allows the GT-S to have 50% more voltage with the result in 100% more torque when riding compared to the older GT. This is especially important when pushing the board to the limit uphill or when jumping over an obstacle that could overpower the board.

SpecificationOnewheel GTOnewheel GT S-Series
Motor750W Hypercore hub motorS-Series Tuned Hypercore hub motor
BatteryNMC: 21700NMC
SensorSolid state MEMS 6-DOFSolid state MEMS 6-DOF
Tire11.5 x 6.5-6.5in Onewheel11.5×7.0-6.5in Performance Treaded Tire
Max lean angle:>30 degrees>30 degrees
Size9.5in x 11in x 29in9.5in x 11in x 29in
Range20-32 miles (32-52km)16-25 miles (26-40km)
Top Speed20mph (32km/h)25mph (40kph)
Recharge time200min150min (80min Hypercharger)
Onewheel GT vs Onewheel GT S-Series Specifications

The 5mph increase is really welcome as 20mph can sometimes be on the slower side. This bump will make the board able to overrun electric bikes and the added power will help you to do so with peace of mind.


The two boards share many of the same features with each other. It´s clear that the Onewheel GT is an evolution of the GT and it comes with both the Heptiz Buzz and Custom Shaping 3.0.

Onewheel Performance tire
Onewheel Performance tire


Both boards are not waterproof but water resistant and use the enclosure design that was pioneered with the Onewhele Pint to increase the waterproofness of the board. It´s not recommended to ride in the rain as there is always a risk of water leaking into the controller or battery compartment.


The new Onewheel GT-S comes in at $3,200 compared to $2,300 of the GT, that’s a whooping $900 more for the latest model. There is not a one-to-one comparison as the new board will include both the newer and improved Onewheel Performance Tire at $125 and the Carbone Fiber Fender at a value of $175.

As a rider a fender is a must and the new Performance tire with the softer compound really makes the board a total new beast.


The Onewheel GT S-Series and Onewheel GT are both remarkable Onewheels, each with its own set of advantages and trade-offs. The S-Series sets a new standard for power and performance in the Onewheel lineup, but it does come at a higher price and a slightly reduced range. In contrast, the GT, while slightly less powerful, is still a formidable choice for riders looking for a thrilling Onewheel experience and need that extra bit of range.

In the end, the choice between the two comes down to individual preferences, riding style, and budget. No matter which you choose, one thing is for sure – you’ll be in for an electrifying ride!

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