Onewheel GT Simple Stop (Information)

The simple stop is either a feature you love or hate. It was first introduced with the Onewheel Pint and now the GT is following the same path.

Yes, The Onewheel GT has the possibility to enable and disable Simple Stop. It is implemented in the Onewheel application as the Onewheel Pint.

GT’s will feature Simple Stop as an optional feature you can enable in the app.

Future Motion Inc.

Why to use Simple Stop

The result is that the Onewheel GT will be easier for new riders to use and learn by enabling the simple stop feature. Most experienced riders, myself included, will probably turn off the feature. I don’t ride with simple stop enabled on my Pint.

As a new rider, we recommend you start with Simple Stop Enabled. For more tips read the Onewheel Beginner Guide.

How To Turn On/Off Simple Stop Onewheel GT

To turn it off and on just press the Simple Stop icon in the mode menu of the Onewheel application. This is the icon on the top left corner of the riding mode selection image, indicated by the shaka sign/hang loose symbol.


If you want to know more about the simple stop feature implemented with simple stop read my breakdown of the Onewheel pint simple stop feature

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