Onewheel GT Stone Cold Chillers Land-Surf (Axle Heat Sinks)

Overheating of the Onewheel GTs is a big problem when the outside temperature is getting high. That’s why Land-Surf has developed their Onewheel GT axle heat sinks with the Stone Cold Chillers. The axle heatsink is not something new and has been DIY axle modifications done by the community to reduce the problem of their GT. The chiller is really a high-quality product and incorporates some benefits when compared to these options. 

Tired of your Onewheel GT overheating the motor and cutting power, right when you need it to keep working, the Stone Cold Chillers might be for you!

Why Use A Heat Sink?

The Onewheel GT uses its frames to dissipate the heat that is generated by the motor. With the increase of power of the Onewheel GT this has been shown not to be sufficient when the outside temperature becomes too hot, leading to a thermal shutdown of the board.

When the motor gets hotter, it becomes less efficient, and the GT will begin to limit the current. In short, reducing the available power of the board. Steep hills, trails, and heavier riders cause the GT to use a lot of current, which raises the motor temperatures quickly. By keeping the motor cooler with heat sinks, you can run higher power for a longer period of time and even avoid thermal shutdown altogether.  

Air flow arrows Stone Cold Chiller by Land-Surf
Airflow arrows Stone Cold Chiller by Land-Surf

Installation of Stone Cold Chiller

Installation is quite straightforward but it will require you to disassemble part of your board. For the best performance, we recommend you do the optional step and use a thermal paste on the axle. This will help to increase the heat dissipation from the axle to the chiller.

  1. Remove the hub motor from the GT frame, Don’t disconnect the battery and controller.
  2. Apply thermal paste to the axle (Optional)
  3. Slide a Stone Cold Chiller onto each side of the axle.
  4. Tighten the screw on each chiller to lock them in place. 

If installed correctly they will not spin and sit stationary on the axle. On a hub motor, the wheel spins around the axle.

According to Land-Surf they are meant to work with a stock Onewheel GT setup but will work with any GT that has enough length on the axle. Keep that in mind if you are running a modified board.

Stone Cold Chillers installed on axle
Stone Cold Chillers installed on the axle img: source

Materials and Weight

The Stone Cold Chillers for the Onewheel GT are made out of 6061 Aluminum that is CNC’d into their unique fin structure. Each Chiller weighs about 142 grams. 

The mass helps conduct the heat away from the axle while the fins release the heat into the air.


The Chillers come in five different colors, red, black, blue, lime green, and gold.

Stone Cold Chillers by Land-Surf for the Onewheel GT in different colors
Stone Cold Chillers by Land-Surf for the Onewheel GT in different colors img: source


The price of the Stone Cold Chillers is $99.95 and is currently a pre-order product. The price includes a pair of Chillers, one on each side of the axle. The first batch has been shipped with great user reviews.

You can get the chillers from the official homepage of Land-Surf or any third-party reseller.

Benefits of the Axle Heat Sink

Lowering the motor temperature. The Stone Cold Chillers heat sinks will lower the motor temps by 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit (11,1-16,7°C).

A lower temperature will let you run the motor at a higher power for a longer period of time without getting a thermal shutdown of the board. It could also increase the lifetime of the motor as the magnets can start to lose their strength if they experience excessive temperatures.

The Downside of The Axle Heat Sink

There is mainly only one downside of the chiller. Because of the size of the chiller, the GT Maghandle cannot be used when it is installed. 

They will add some weight but it can be considered negligible compared to the overall weight of the board.


The Onewheel GT is having overheating problems and adding an axle heatsink like the Stone Cold Chiller from Land-Surf is a great way to reduce the motor temperature without doing any physical modification of the board. Adding other cooling options like ferrite fluid to the motor will void the warranty of the board but increase the cooling efficiency even more.

We recommend the chillers if you are living in a hot climate as they will really help your board run cooler and reduce the thermal wear of the motor. You can get the chillers from the official homepage of Land-Surf or any third-party reseller.

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