Onewheel Black Friday Sale 2022 – Promotions & Discounts

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Onewheel Black Friday Sale 2022

Buying a new Onewheel it’s quite an expensive purchase so any discount is welcome. Future Motion Inc, the owner of Onewheel, usually does only one big promotion per year, Black Friday. This year 2022 is really great with the biggest discount ever!

Onewheel has one big promotion and discount during the year connected to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The discount is usually in the range of $250-450 for a board or bundle deal. The accessories and larger bundles are usually more discounted.

Black Friday Sale 2022

On 24-27 November 2022, Black Friday Weekend, Onewheel has its biggest promotion and discount of the year. You can now save up to $450 on the board and bundle packs. All boards are sold at a discount and the biggest saving you can get are if you buy the Onewheel GT ELITE BUNDLE for $2,325.

Future Motion Inc Onewheel Black Friday Deals of 2022.

The prices are the lowest they have been, especially considering the rising inflation. It’s $50 cheaper than the Launch Promotion!

This is a perfect time to get riding and grab a board! Down below is the old discount showing that this year, 2022 really has some great bargains!

Unsure of what board to get? check out the guide over here!

Onewheel GT Sale, save money!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the only promotion that Future Motion has historically used during the year that is linked to a specific date. During the promotion, the board has a small discount and the bundle deals are having the most.

As reference during the 2021 Black Friday, the Pint X was coming with a free fender during, an $85 value. Additionally, if you were buying the bundle packages there was up to $160 in savings. 

Military Discount

They do have a 50$ military discount with proof of a CAC. You need to call them and the only thing they require is proof of service. When they have got the proof and they will send a 50$ discount code. 

So all veterans out there don’t forget to call in and get your discount! You deserve every little money saved for your service!

Limited Launch Promotion 2021

When a new Onewheel is launched it usually have some type of limited launch promotion deal. The latest release of both the Onewheel Pint X and the Onewheel GT during the fall of 2021 was no exception. The flagship Onewheel GT costs normally $2,200. Future Motion did host a promotion for the first 48 hours after the launch, discounting the Pint X by $200 and the GT by $275.

Suppose you want to have the best deal look into buying a new board during either the Launch event or Black Friday. Usually, the price saving is more or less the same. And if you are a veteran or active serving don’t forget to get your discount code, you deserve it!

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