Future Motion Inc. Unveils the GT S-Series with Recurve Rail and Rally Edition

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Onewheel S-Series Rally Edition

Future Motion Inc. has introduced its latest board, GT S-Series featuring Recurve Rail and the GT S-Series Rally Edition. After months of dedicated development and most likely competitor research the recurved rail bears resemblance to other rails on the market. As with other custom rails, the team achieved the ideal asymmetric rail geometry, offering riders enhanced leverage and handling without compromising on clearance, stance comfort, or flexibility. These Recurve Rails, now ready for release, promise an exceptional trail experience.

The Recurve Rails will be available as an option on S-Series boards and the new Rally Edition, which also boasts a factory-installed 6″ motor hub. With the S-Series now in full mass production, Future Motion is pleased to pass on the cost savings to riders. The base model S-Series is now priced at $2,900, a $300 reduction, making this incredible riding experience even more accessible.

A Year in the Making

A year ago, the Rider Summit brought together some of the brightest minds in the one-wheel community at Future Motion’s headquarters in Santa Cruz. The brainstorming session filled with Post-its birthed numerous ideas for future rides, spanning one to five years into the future. Many of these ideas have been realized in the new GTS series, featuring a powerful 113-volt system, custom shaping, and advanced functionalities integrated into the one-wheel app.

The past year has also seen the introduction of various accessories to elevate the riding experience, such as GT flared lowboy foot pads, pint flared foot pads, and Free Ride bumpers for both pint and GT models. Not to mention the controllers, battery modules, and the recent 6-inch hubs for GT and GTS series. With the release of the Recurve Rails, another Post-it note idea has come to life, marking the beginning of even more exciting developments.

The Recurve Rail Advantage

Factory Team riders Austen and Mercedes Silva, integral to the design and development of the Recurve Rails, shared insights into their creation. The Recurve Rails address the desire for angled rails, which increase bumper clearance and provide better control, especially when going downhill or braking hard. The iterative design process involved testing various geometries to find the perfect balance of tail clearance and friction on the foot pads.

The result is a rail that reduces rider fatigue and enhances the overall riding experience. The unique geometry lowers the rider’s center of gravity, offering stability and leverage without compromising the benefits of straight rails. The feedback from testing has been overwhelmingly positive, with riders immediately recognizing the improvement in control and comfort.

Upgraded GTS Series and Rally Edition

The GTS series lineup is also receiving exciting updates. The base model GTS series is now priced at $2,900, down from $3,200, thanks to mass production efficiencies. Additionally, the S series with recurve rails is available for $3,200, and the no-holds-barred Rally Edition, featuring a 6-inch GTS series hub and recurve rails, is priced at $3,500.

For those who already own a board, Future Motion offers a service to upgrade with recurve rails for $450. Initially available for GTS series, this service will soon extend to GT models. New accessories have been developed to complement the recurve rails, including rail guards and mini deletes that fit between the foot pad and the tire, along with a version compatible with the hybrid fender.

User Feedback: Mixed Reactions and Requests for Improvement

The release has sparked a wide range of reactions from their user community, and customers have been vocal about their experiences and expectations.

Criticism and Frustration:

Some customers expressed strong dissatisfaction with the company’s practices. One customer vowed never to purchase from the company again, feeling that their choices were being limited and controlled. Many have pointedly accused the company of copying designs from independent creators, highlighting a perceived lack of originality.

Another big point is that the standalone rails cannot be installed at home as FM does not let the user re-level their boards, forcing the board to be shipped back for installation. Hopefully this gets reconsidered in the future and FM has responded to the critic with this cryptic message.

Thanks for the comment, we hear ya. @Onewheel

Mixed Reactions to Innovation:

Innovation was met with both excitement and scepticism. While some users appreciated the advancements and the new features, others felt it was a mere incremental update that should have been part of the original design. One user suggested the new release should be called the “Really? Edition” instead of “Rally Edition,” indicating that they felt the improvements should have been standard from the beginning.

Positive Feedback and Excitement:

Despite the criticisms, there is also a lot of enthusiasm. Some users are excited about the new features, describing the new GT S-Series as the closest they had seen to a perfect out-of-the-box experience,  anticipating a significant competitive boost in racing due to the new upgrades.

Requests for Customization and Upgrades:

There were also practical suggestions and requests from the community. Users showed interest in having more customization options, such as symmetrical rails for switch riders and the ability to choose specific accessories for their boards. Additionally, there was a clear interest in trade-in programs and upgrade options, with users inquiring about upgrading their existing boards with the new features without having to send them in.

Overall Community Sentiment:

The feedback showcases a passionate and engaged community that values innovation and seeks better communication, support, and transparency from Future Motion Inc. As the company continues to develop and release new products, addressing these concerns will be crucial in maintaining customer trust and satisfaction.

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