Top tech to save time as a parent (2022)

As a parent, I have come to love two technologies that have saved me and my wife a lot of time. These are products I would recommend everyone to have.

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner
  2. Dishwasher
  3. Magic erasers

It’s a close call between dishwasher or robot vacuum cleaner. For two years ago I would definitely have said dishwasher. After so many broken glasses and mountains of dishes, the relief of getting a dishwasher installed in our apartment is indescribable. There is a lot of the time saved going from a manual hand dish to a dishwasher.

Save time as a parent with a robot vacuum cleaner

How come that I rank the robot vacuum cleaner over the dishwasher? Living in an apartment with a 3-year-old boy loving to play outside and the lovely Swedish weather. I can say only one thing, sand, sand and sand. Check my 2-year review of the Xiaomi S5 to understand why this has been my best purchase in a long time.

The floor wasn’t the newest when we moved in, they haven’t become better. Having a robot vacuum cleaner helps to fix the pile of sand and dirt getting dragged in every day. Before the vacuum cleaner was always standing in the hall/kitchen, there was no need to put it back in the closet. Now the floors are cleaned every day when we are at work, and if something falls down when you are eating snacks in the living room, just push it under the sofa and it’s gone the day after.

Save time as a parent with a dishwasher

There is a lot of time to save as a parent when you don’t need to handish all the glasses and plates every day. Comming come from work and the first thing you need to handle is the mountain of dishes before being able to start the dinner. We will always be getting a dishwasher wherever we move, from now on. It actually took us 1 year to install it in our apartment and that was with a newborn baby. Getting it was like starting a new life.

Remember to keep up the maintenance and don’t forget to fill it with DIshwasher salt. Ever wondered why? check my post explaining why you need to keep it filled with Dishwasher salt and rinse aid.

Magic erasier instead of repaint your wall

crayons on the wall

If you have been a parent and given your kid some crayons without supervision, easily happen now when you work from home there is a risk involved. Crayons on the painted wall and furniture are something most parents will get at some point in their life. Instead of repainting the walls use Magic erasers and brush them off. The magic eraser works like a small abrasive sponge that will take the crayons or paint/dirt away. Just be careful to not overdo it, it will take some wall paint away.

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