Onewheel Discount Code (Only Military)

There is no Onewheel discount code from Future Motion that can give you 20% even if some sites state this. The only time Future Motion will give you a discount that’s more than the normal bundle is during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that they offer.

If you are a veteran or first responder, look down below. Future Motion has been offering a Onewheel military discount.

For the people that are not in the military or veterans and want to save a couple of buckets then it could be a good idea to buy a used board. Usually, you can get quite a lot of value as the boards on the second-hand market usually come with a variety of accessories and modifications that increase the value of the board. If you are planning or interested in buying second-hand, check out our Guide to buying a used Onewheel.

Onewheel Military Discount

Future Motion does offer a military and first responder discount on their models. This is not something that they advertise on their homepage, you will need to call them and show proof of service to get it.

Soldiers bording a plan in sunset

The discount code that has been offered has been reported to be both $50 and 5% off on selected models. As it seems that they might change the offer over time, it’s recommended to call them to get the current up-to-date discount.

Onewheel Sale During the Year

The only time of the year Onewheel’s goes on sale is during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Here is when you can get some good offers on the current boards. Usually, you can save a couple of hundred bucks during this time of the year.