Onewheel Kickflip (Tricks)

It´s not uncommon to get asked by a stranger “Do a kickflip!”. The kickflip is one of the most iconic moves in the skateboard community. 

A kickflip is when you jump up into the air with the board and at the same time use the feet to flip it a full rotation – 360 degrees. The board spins mid-air toward the skater. 

Doing a kickflip with a Onewheel has its challenges as it’s a heavy board and not a light skateboard you need to push into the air and at the same time rotate under your feet. Therefore a kickflip or heelflip is often performed by either dropping or popping from an object to gain some additional height.

Elite Onewheel shows how to flip the board from a ramp.

Pressure Heelflip

The pressure heelflip is a variant of the more common kickflip adapted for the Onwheel board. Here you use your feet to pressure the board edge down forcing it to rotate under your feet. These tricks require you to drop from a height to allow the board some airtime and spin 360 under your feet.

Here Jeff McCosker shows how the Onewheel heelflip works from a ledge.