Armor-Dilloz releases Ferrofluid for Onewheel (ArmorChilloz FluxFluid)

Armor-Dilloz is the first company to sell and market ferrofluid specifically for the Onewheel, as they have done with their Red Armor-Dilloz Onewheel Tire Sealant. Their new product is the ArmorChilloz FluxFluid a hydrocarbon-based ferrofluid that retails for $30.00.

You can find ArmorChilloz on their official homepage over here.

Ferrofluids are used to help transfer heat from the coils inside the motor to the magnets and hub. Cooling down the motor and also increasing the efficiency. This is done by bridging the air-gap between the magnets and the stator. Ferrofluids like the FluxFluid contain nanoparticles of magnetic material that are dispersed in an oil-based carrier fluid. Read more about Ferrofluids here.

Overheating motors have become a more common problem with the new Onewheel GT compared to the XR and Pints. This is one of the different ways to help the motor run cooler.

The primary benefit of this product is significantly more rapid heat transfer from the stator to other areas of the motor assembly, which can act as a large heatsink, increasing the rate of overall cooling, as well as initially absorbing a great deal of heat, making it harder to overheat your motor.

Secondary effects are gains in power and efficiency because the air gap has been effectively reduced, this will theoretically increase the efficiency of the motor’s operation, which corresponds to more power with less energy. 

The application of these strong paramagnetic fluids in electric machines by filling the air-gap between stator and rotor to increase the force in linear and the momentum in rotating machines offers an interesting possibility to improve efficiency and thus to save energy

The downside of adding Ferrofluids to your Onewheel

Adding any Ferrofluid will void the warranty of your Onewheel GT. With the current amount of problems with the initial batch of Onewheel GT we don’t recommend anyone to modify their board if it results in voiding the warranty. Many riders have had ghosting issues and other problems coming after more than 100miles of problem-free rides.

Are you having overheating problems (and out of warranty) with your Onewheel GT, then a ferrofluid like the FluxFluid is a good fix, do it at your own risk. It has been used in the e-bike community for a long time, with great results. Its use is relatively new to the Onewheel community so read the warning down below.

How to Install Ferrofluid in the Onewheel

  1. First, you need to disassemble the motor from the board. The solution can be applied without removing the stator with the applied syringe. It’s easier to remove it and expose the magnets. see the application in video below
  2. Spread the fluid evenly onto the magnets, ensuring the ferrofluid is evenly distributed all around the hub. Armor-Dilloz is recommending between 7-9ml for the Onewheel GT.
  3. Reinsert the stator and assemble the board back again.


Ferrofluids have been in use in electric motors for over a decade and are frequently used in the electric bike community. There are not many reports of problems, Armor-Dilloz states that direct testing of this product has been limited to a short duration, with longer-term data unavailable. Use it at your own risk.

While the manufacturer behind the product has given all assurances that this product is safe and suitable for this application, there simply isn’t sufficient specific data for us to be 100% confident in the long-term performance of this product inside the hub motor of a Onewheel.

Fallman Tech as Overkill Inc. / Armor-Dilloz expressly disclaims any responsibility for damage or injury caused by use of this product in any application.  User assumes all responsibility and risk of any modifications of their device.

Ferrofluids are irritating for the skin, as the product contains hydrocarbons: Avoid prolonged skin contact, or exposure to the product via mouth, nose, eyes or other mucous membranes.  The best way to remove the fluid from your skin is to use soap and warm water multiply times until all traces of the product are gone.