Onewheel GT shipping date

The latest board from Future Motion is planned to be shipping beginning of Mars 2022. Early buyers who bought the board on the launch date was seeing estimated ship dates from 17-25/1. These dates are now getting pushed to Mars.

Update 2022-03-04
The first board is being built and packed, first shipment is set to go out from the factory in San Jose on Monday 2022-03-07.

Update 2022-01-15
Many riders are seeing their dates getting pushed into March. Future Motion is still waiting for crucial components to start the production line. See a snippet from the email below.

…While GT is reaching the final stages of production readiness, we are still waiting on a few crucial components to come through the supply chain…

…Please be mindful that until we are in production, all ship dates are estimates…

email from the Onewheel Team (Future Motion Inc.)

88ghz has created a community tracker check it out over at GT Beta Tracker

The Onewheel GT is a total redesign of the flagship model from Future Motion. This has impacted the realization of the board and new users will need to wait for it to ship out. The weight is most likely well worth it as there are coming test ride testimonials of users testing early prototypes in the wild. Check out the short review and test of the Onewheel GT done by Tyler James.

The Onewheel GT is a step up both from a power point of view but also from a build quality standpoint, including many of the features from the Onewheel Pint.

The first riders to get their hands on the board are people ordering directly from Future Motion Inc. These will be shipped out from the warehouse in San Jose, California.

Riders living in other countries will have to wait for our local dealers to get hold of their samples.

When the board are getting shipped it will include tracking information. As Future Motion Inc states the shipping dates are best estimates and subject to change at any time. Let’s hope that the pandemic and other outside factors will not impact the launch of this board.

If you are looking for the latest information about the Onewheel GT check this article.

Uncertain about the difference between the Onewheel XR and the GT, here is a breakdown of XR vs GT.

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for