Oura Ring Power Saving Mode

The Oura ring power saving mode is used if you plan to take a longer break from wearing your Oura Ring. The mode will keep the ring’s battery at an optimal level 40% – 60% to reduce battery deterioration over time.

The Oura ring comes from the store in power saving mode and if you want to enable it you’ll need to perform a factory reset. 

How to Perform a factory reset

A factory reset can easily be done from the Oura App, you will need to have the charger at hand and condition the ring prior to this step.

Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset:

  1. Place the ring on the charger and let it charge until it reaches at least 40-60%.
  2. Open the Oura App.
  3. First, you will need to back up all data.
  4. Go to the main menu in the upper left-hand corner of your Home tab > Settings > Back up all data.
  5. Once the backup is complete, tap the X in the upper left-hand corner. This will take you back to the Home tab.
  6. On the Home tab, tap the Ring icon in the upper right-hand corner. 
  7. To enter the Factory reset you will need to navigate the following, Swipe left > Scroll down > Factory reset > OK
    • Wait while the ring performs the factory reset.
  8. Once the factory reset is complete, go to your phone’s Settings > Bluetooth, and remove the ring from the list of connected devices. 
    • Don’t reconnect your ring when asked
  9. Close the app, and wait 1 minute before taking the ring off the charger. 
    • To ensure power saving mode has been enabled successfully it’s important not to move the ring for 60 seconds after closing the app.

Reconnect The Ring Again

When you are ready to use the ring again then simply do the standard setup to reconnect the ring to the Oura App on your phone. Place the ring on the charger and follow the instructions inside the App. 

Storing the Oura Ring for an extended period of time (2+ weeks) without having it in the power saving mode may affect the longevity of the battery and its performance. To get the most out of your ring it’s also important to follow the best practices for charging the Oura ring.

The battery is not covered by Oura’s 1-Year Limited Warranty.
As a consumable component of our devices, batteries are not covered under Oura’s 1-Year Limited Warranty.

Read this article for more information about the Oura Ring Warranty and what you might need to know.