Onewheel GT (Information)

Onewheel GT

The Onewheel GT is the new flagship model from Future Motion Inc, replacing the Onewheel XR as the king of the throne. As the board is not yet released we will have to wait until next year for a full review of the Onewheel GT. When Onewheel GT ships The model was announced during autumn … Read more

Does Onewheel GT have simple stop?

Onewheel GT

There has not been any information around if the Onewheel GT will follow the path as the Onewheel Pint to have the Simplestop feature implemented. After contacting Future Motion their response was. Yes, The Onewheel GT will have the possibility to enable on simplestop. It will be implemented in the Onehwwel application as the Onewheel … Read more

Onewheel pushback (Pint, XR, Pint X, GT)

Onewheel pushback

With the release of the Onewheel GT there has been a lot of talk about the pushback. Looking at the old lineup, the Onewheel Pint and XR are behaving totally different from a riding and pushback perspective. The newly released Onewheel Pint X is following its predecessor with a distinguish pushback. The difference between the … Read more

Buying a used Onewheel (Guide)

used Onewheel

With the launch of the two new boards by Future Motion Inc. the Onewheel GT and Onewheel Pint X the marketplaces are getting flooded with used Onewheel’s. The used Onewheels are holding its values for quite some time but at this time and place, there are deals to be found. Keep in mind as always, … Read more

How to lock your Onewheel and keep your board secure

onewheel lock

When it comes to leaving your board locked somewhere it comes down to the saying. “If you can’t afford to lose it don’t let it out of your sight” In short, don’t leave it anywhere unsupervised because it isn’t a cheap bike, it’s far too expensive and more comparable with a high-end electric bike. With … Read more

Onewheel Pint vs Onewheel Pint X

Onewheel Pint vs Onewheel Pint X

Onewheel Pint has gotten a real upgrade with the release of the Onewheel Pint X. The new board tackles one of the biggest complaints about the Pint, the lack of range. In short, the Onehweel Pint X is an Onwheel Pint with an upgraded battery allowing for double the range and a slight increase in … Read more

Can I fly with a Onewheel Pint X

fly with a onewheel pint x

Compared to the predecessor the Onewheel Pint the new Onewheel Pint X is not allowed on planes. There are two major players that determine if you can fly with your Onewheel. It’s the TSA/ FAA with the rules governing what is allowed when flying and then it’s the rule of the individual airlines such as … Read more

Onewheel XR vs Onewheel GT (Specs)

Onewheel XR vs Onewheel GT

For a long time, the Onehweel+ XR has been the flagship model from Future Motion Inc. now 3 years after the release in 2018 the new king has arrived, the Oneewheel GT. Here is the breakdown of the differences and similarities between the Onewheel GT and XR. Both boards are sold for people looking for … Read more

New Onewheel Pint X and Onewheel GT

onewheel pint x GT

Future Motion Inc. has released two new boards on the market the Onewheel Pint X and the Onewheel XR. This release has been a long wait from the community and at last, the XR gets a real facelift. Let’s start with the ”smaller” board, the Onewheel Pint X. Onewheel Pint X Future Motion describes it … Read more