First Official Response from Future Motion (Conversation with Kyle, Right-to-Repair)

Apr 5, 2022 – Future Motion has made its first official response around the problems the Onewheel GT has been facing during the initial week of the launch. The response title “A conversation with Kyle” can be found on Youtube and also below.

Kyle covers a lot of topics like the problems with the GT launch, the right-to-repair, service centres across the globe and tire changes. It’s a step in the right direction.

Onewheel GT problems

Kyle highlighted the problems with the supply chain crisis delaying the production of the GT.

Problems highlighted in the video are dead-on-arrival boards, power on issues, turning on once or twice and then not turning on anymore. Here is our full list of known issues of the GT.

They will send a new board after reaching out to Future Motion customer support. GT footpads are concave and therefore have redesigned the sensor from scratch. Also, discuss the sensitive sensor but not too sensitive so it stages engaged. A small faction has found out that the new sensor stays, and the board rides without your referring to ghosting.

Change a few things in the manufacturing process to try and fix the ghosting issue. If you are having problems contact support and a new one will be sent out.

Kyle recommends users to do what we already have recommended users to do, to enable simple stop. The key here is if you are having a sensor that ghosts, send it in for repair.

Firmware update

There have been a couple of minor updates and changes mainly to the manufacturing process. Also changed some things around how the board behaviour and rides after pro rider feedback. Stating that we will like the changes to come.

They will push out the firmware during the coming weeks. This will be the first over the air update to the GT’s. At the current time, every update has been done at the service site. Here is the Onehweel GT firmware list.

After sale support and repair of Onewheel

Kyle starts by stating that the reason for a centralized repair centre has nothing to do with the business model. Referring to electrical vehicles, in the beginning, did end up in landfills.

The response is because they have the equipment during the manufacturing, referring to the needle and performance test. You can read more about the testing procedure of the Onewheel.

Acknowledge that there are boards all around the world and that it could be both times consuming and expensive to send the board to California. Especially for international customers. Have consideration how they can safely and responsibly way expand behind the centralized model with distributed service centres around the world. Basically opening up for third-party or Future motion owned repair shops internationally.

Tire change

In this announcement, Kyle states that changing the tire is not voiding the warranty. They will also make the GT tire available for users to do on their own. Still, there is no information if changing the tire to a non-stock tire will also be covered and keep the warranty.

…It can be easy to compromise the motor housed inside the tire if you’re not trained properly. Any damage caused as a result of a non-authorized tire change will not be covered under warranty.”

Future Motion Support

Kyle acknowledged the customisations of the board by the community, some as functional and some aesthetics. Stating that there is a misconception about Future Motion suing companies that are making accessories, it has happened where companies have evaluated their IP.

Battery modifications

Modification of the battery, and powertrain of the Onewheel. The power system is designed to work with the battery and tuned to the battery pack itself. This is most likely not really the case, as we ride with modified boards as many other users with even enchanted performance compared to stock.

There is a risk with modifications of the battery and fires have happened with third party battery modifications. Future Motion sees this as a risk for the existence of the company. Most of these battery fires come from punctured cell packs when the user has tried to cramp in too many batteries in a small space and the wrong screw was used. These are related to the first version of the extended battery pack for the XR.

What does Onewheel GT stand for
What does Onewheel GT stand for