Onewheel Manual (Pint, Pint X, XR, GT)

For any new riders, it’s recommended to read the manual for the Onewheel. It explains some of the basic information of the board and what to do and don’t. Here is the complete list of Onewheel Manuals for the current board in the line-up.

Are you having any problems with your board, check the error codes, or contact support to get help. Most self-repairs will void your warranty so it’s recommended to always contact Future Motion if you still have it left before opening the board.

Onewheel GT Problems

The Onewheel GT has had some issues during the first weeks of launch, here is the currently known list from DOA to ghosting boards.

If you are wondering how to control the Onewheel and other riding tips check out the Beginner guide over here. It goes over the most common tips and Trix for new riders. Some of the things are not present in the manual and tips for experienced riders.

Charging the board is important and also an important step to keep the battery in good condition. The Onewheel charging guide goes over the most things that you should know. If you are storing the board keep it around 60% state of charge and remember to from time to time let the board sit on the charger for 24-72h to let the board balance the cells.

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